Cancellation Policy

At Mychiraag, we aim to provide a fair deal for both passengers and drivers. For the service to work well for everyone, we rely on people keeping their promises.

When a driver accepts a job using Mychiraag, the passenger has a right to expect that driver to turn up, and when a passenger hails a taxi using Mychiraag, the driver should expect that passenger to be at the pickup address.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for a cancellation, but if either party cancels without a fair reason, it is frustrating for the other person and we think it is reasonable for that behaviour to be discouraged.

If any of our drivers continually cancel jobs without good reason, we have a compliance procedure in place that could ultimately see them removed from the Mychiraag network. Conversely, when a passenger cancels without good reason the driver should expect some small compensation to cover his or her time. For this reason we are introducing the Mychiraag Cancellation Policy.

  • If a driver has not been confirmed, and you cancel, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.
  • In case of a no-show by the driver for a scheduled departure, the company will provide an immediate replacement with a similar car and in case we could not find a replacement, a full refund of the advance will be done.
  • In case of vehicle accident/break-down the company will provide an alternate vehicle or will refund the advance deposit if booking cancelled.

One Way / Round Trip

  • Cancelled between 0 to 12 hours: No refund
  • Cancelled between 12 to 24 hours: 50% of the minimum booking amount*
  • Cancelled greater than 24 hours: 100% refund*

Tempo Traveller/ Bus/ Heavy Vehicles

  • No refund if cancelled between 0-7 days
  • 50% refund if cancelled between 7-15 days
  • 100% refund if cancelled more than 15 days

*online transaction charges of 5% will be charged on the advance received

If any customers pays the booking money (in advance) and cancels the trip as per cancellation policy then the refund will be made in online mode to customers within 15 days.

Where possible, we encourage our passengers to contact their driver directly prior to cancelling as this tends to resolve many misunderstandings.